build your guild workshop

Build Your Guild

From solo players to teams using gamification and positive psychology! Are your employees not motivated to do their work? Is the performance of your team stagnating, even though they have the skills you were looking for? Does your team seem to not be able to work as…a team? What if the answer lies in considering Build Your Guild

uncloud your inner rainbow

Uncloud Your Inner Rainbow

At our very core, we each have our own set of strengths.  These strengths play an important role in our daily lives. Usually, we feel energized and satisfied when we use our strengths.  In fact, research shows that our greatest successes are the result of our using our unique strengths. Using your character strengths can Uncloud Your Inner Rainbow

DeDeCo WOrkshop Senshi Coaching

Inspiration by Anime-tion

“Anime and cartoons are just for kids!” Familiar situation? What if you could answer “Sorry, I couldn’t hear you. I was busy strength spotting.” What if I told you that your favourite fictional character is actually a perfect character development tool? You will understand why you found this specific character appealing: either the person is Inspiration by Anime-tion