1. Alexandra
    08/03/2019 @ 6:12 PM

    I was inspired by so many different characters. There were anime ones, novel and movie ones.
    The figures I loved and support me in my daily life were:

    (1) Soryu Asuka Langley – Neon Genesis Evangelion. Back when I really had a lot of trouble & issues with my fellow classmates. I was often outsourced and moreover I was two steps ahead if it comes to studies in most of the subjects. I also had trouble with men who seemed to like me for years. What would Asuka do?
    She is on top of everything. She is a perfectionist, which almost killed her in the end, but she also speaks her mind, is a bit rudeless and just said to such men “Why do you like me? You don’t even know me! Don’t say you understand me!” – something I wasn’t able to do in earlier days.
    But the most important thing were her negative sides: She has seen her value through success.
    That was something I did, too. That was why I could relate to her so much.
    And because she was such a dear character to me I was so happy that in the re-make she was allowed to grow. In the new movies Asuka understood the value of herself a bit more and the value of being with other people.

    (2) In my own process, Ayuhara Kozue (Attack No.1 // the drama version) was the next most important figure. She plays volleyball, she aims for her goal and she is still interested in their companions. Therefore she is a optimistic and happy volleyball freak who does not give up. The drama’s ending song “chikara no yume” by Ueto Aya (she is my idol in real life, next to Audrey Hepburn) has everything which describes the drama to its best. “akiramenai – sono kotoba wa ikiru to iu kachi wo kawaru” (Don’t give up – those words changes the shape of my living). Everything I am in a hard fight, in a struggle whether it’s about exams or some other difficulties like a speech contest, I listen to that song and brings back my good mood. I remember everything I learnt so far in life.
    Ayuhara continue to go on. Even in her hardest time when she almost would not have been be able to play volleyball anymore she do not give up and tries.

    (3) Ikeuchi Aya / Kitou Aya – The diary “One liter of tears” is a real person’s diary, written by Kitou Aya when she was 15 until age 25. Her life was happy and easy until she began to suffer from spinocerebellaer ataxia (SCA) and got more and more disabled. In her final days the did not even sit up or say anything at all.
    The drama series had a very touching story telling and her diary always makes me cry.
    Aya was someone who did not give up. Who tried until she could not anymore. She was such a strong person. In the drama a little bit tougher than in real life because she described herself as a crying child and easily cried about a lot. But her spirit was so unbreakable.
    Everytime there is a hard issue in my life I remember her saying: “What’s wrong with falling down? You can always stand up again!” And it’s true. There is also the Japanese saying “Fall 7 times, stand up 8 times.”

    (4) The last one: Inoue Orihime (Bleach). She is the one I still identify the most. She was the one I ‘asked’ for support if it came to one sided-love issues and I always cheered on her. Hey, she now is married to her Kurosaki-kun and so I am in love with mine (in fact we met each other at the sakura festival 9 years ago and cosplayed those characters … haha). Whenever I had negative thoughts or felt that I spend to much time with myself I reflect asking ‘what’s on Hime’s mind?’ and I felt better.
    Orihime is the one which was the most day-dreaming character and she was the most supportive one. She is a ‘healer’ and she loves to take care of people. She did not complain if she was alone as long as she does not stand in the way of her friends. She never dare to take much love action and just hold her feelings back. Hime is the character I want to be: loving, free from grief and negative thoughts of others and full of love for the ones I care about. And I love sweet things and could eat them all along if it was not about the stomachache issue thing.

    A plus character: Ran Kotobuki (GALS!)
    Need some self-esteem and real talk with lots of humour? Talk to her!
    Ran is such a bold head but she is always true to herself. She teaches you how to get through teenage life (and to live the gyaru style).

    If you let it in you can have so many helping hands through your “idols” or favourite characters.
    Identification is such a good thing because you will not feel alone. You will have a ‘mate’, someone you can always rely to. Of course you should not shut out yourself from society but having that mental support can lead you through your everyday life.
    That strategy helps you to grow, to overcome issues and to have some “aha!” effects.


  2. Marty
    09/03/2019 @ 9:38 AM

    Thank you for this detailed answer, dear Alex-chan! As I rarely watch dorama, I am motivated to watch your recommendations and get inspired as well 😊

    (1) Ooooh, Asuka! That was a hate-love relationship for me when I was younger 😀 I found her to be too dominant and annoying, at a times… But now I see her struggle, transformation and growth. She is a really strong and inspirational character. I love how you see her as idol, especially her negative sides!

    (2) I only know the anime and manga of Attack No.1 but the drama (especially the song!) sound beautiful.

    (3) “One liter of tears” was the only drama I fully watched. It was so touching… I totally understand how Aya inspires and gives strength…

    (4) Ahhh, I never saw Bleach, I must admit! But Orihime’s character sounds very compelling. It’s interesting to imagine what the traits and strengths I know from you personally might be influenced by 😉

    (5) Yes, RAAANNN!! I loved her!!


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