What is Senshi? And who is my Senshi Team?

I remember the day of my childhood when Sailor Moon started airing on TV in Germany. I was instantly hooked because I have never seen a show, where so many different characters stood in the spotlight! Not only the typical brave young hero as in many other series.

Fast-forward several years, I discovered that this concept is actually the same in every human being. And I decided to use the idea of Senshi as the philosophy behind my work and my being.

Senshi (senshi, 戦士) is the Japanese word for fighter or warrior. In Japanese or Japanese-style cartoons it is often used to describe teams of super heroes who work together to achieve a mission. Each character has their own strengths and weaknesses, each their own distinguished identites and generally also their own colour, element or super power.

Of course, they sometimes argue or one is excluded from the group. But in the end, they know that only as a team, with combined powers, they can reach their goal. Because despite their differences, they all belong together. Japanese Magical Girls (mahou shoujo, 魔法少女) like Sailor Moon are the prime examples of this idea: girls transform into fighters, wear colour-coded uniforms and fight with the power of friendship and love to accomplish their mission. Still, that is not a girly concept as the Power Rangers or the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles also consist of such a team and have a similar storytelling.

Everyone of us has personality traits we love and quirks we’d rather love to get rid of. Ultimately, all those traits belong together and make us who we are. When we feel overwhelmed by problems and obstacles that we cannot conquer, we tend to wish to be someone else. What a waste!

I believe that in everyone of us is a unique Senshi Team and all inner demons that we face can indeed be transformed into allies. I’d like to show you my Senshi Team, with all their spleens and passions.

Meet my personal Senshi Team

  • The sassy Scientist

    The sassy Scientist

    Always looking for the scientific background and current studies. This ensures that the quality and content of my work is state-of-the-art. But also: a little too perfectionist and a bad looser.
  • The peppy Psychologist

    The peppy Psychologist

    Who can read thoughts and feelings of people (as all psychologists can). But who also has a hard time setting borders between herself and others and sometimes cares too much.

    Here together with my colleague Andreas Westphal doing a workshop in a school.

  • The eager Explorer

    The eager Explorer

    Loves to first dig deep and then dive deeper. She also sometimes overwhelms people who prefer staying on the ground and who need smalltalk.
  • The strenuous Sportswoman

    The strenuous Sportswoman

    Never gives up, be it learning pull ups, crawling in the mud under wire mesh or being the accountability buddy for others. Her weakness is that she tends to be a little too bootcampy and sometimes has to adapt to the energy level of others.
  • The optimistic Otaku

    The optimistic Otaku

    Yeah well… You know those disadvantages in today’s society, I guess. But she is the one who sparked my purpose to help all the nerds and geeks to recognize their passion as what it really is: a treasure
  • The imaginative Introvert

    The imaginative Introvert

    Painfully neglected and ignored until the creativity stopped flowing. Friday night? Is best spent alone with a book (or manga), her own thoughts and fantasies.