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What I think and do
I believe in the nerds and geeks, the outliers and the rebels in our culture of conformity.

Those who are sometimes called hard to talk to, when it’s not about their passion. This driven devotion is a power that just has to be unleashed to find fulfillment in all areas of life.

Sometimes it just needs a bridge between nerd and normie-world which we can build together.


Here is the chance to change something. You have two options.

Take the blue pill and you don’t have to do anything. Nothing will change, no effort needed.

Take the red pill and I’ll guide you deep down the rabbit hole where you will find answers to questions you didn’t know you had.

Brave new world: I offer live and online coaching.


Positive Psychology, the compelling science of human strengths, is my lifelong love. Dedicated to the study of promoting human potential, wellbeing, and flourishing I love to give workshops on topics that matter to YOU and your teammates, colleagues and friends.

Let’s find out what your team really wants to work on and prepare an insightful event with a hint of geekiness.


You know that feeling when you stay up the whole night to finish that book, defeat those monsters or complete this code?

Wouldn’t it be cool to dip into this energy in more areas of your life? I always listen to the big talks when my morale is low and they help me to continue to dream big. Do you also need a pick-me-up?

Let me share my bubbly enthusiasm.

Update: A new page is under construction ^o^

You can still reach me, but something new is on its way….